09 Oct

All air conditioning units need to have a regular check-up to maintain and preserve their performance. Air conditioning units are composed of several parts that must be maintained regularly for the units to effectively run.  This is also done to avoid the worsening of any damage the units may acquire after a longer period of operation.  If there is a failure to do this maintenance the performance of the air conditioning unit will significantly reduce and the electricity that can be consumed will dramatically increase. Lack of maintenance can also lead to a very major repair.  If this happens, you will need an air conditioning repair service. This may even cost you a bigger amount of money for the ac services alone excluding the cost of parts you might need to buy for the damage in the unit to be functional again. Some of the parts of an air conditioning unit that need to be on a regular maintenance schedule are the filters, coils, and fins. Each of these parts needs to be checked, cleaned and replaced when needed.  You can avail of the services of an air conditioning and heating company to be sure of the proper maintenance.  Using an air conditioning and heating company ensures that no harm is done to any of the components.

The filters of the air conditioning unit are the most important part that requires a periodic maintenance. They need to be routinely cleaned and replaced immediately if found to be damaged in order that the air conditioning unit will perform at its best possible efficiency and will give you satisfaction. If a filter becomes clogged or severely dirty, the air flow will be blocked and will result to the inefficiency and ineffectiveness of your unit. Whenever the air flow is interrupted, dust and dirt can make their way to the evaporator coil and will affect its ability to absorb heat. Generally, changing and cleaning the filters of the unit regularly can reduce the consumption of electricity by five to fifteen percent. Filters need to be cleaned or replaced approximately every month or every two months during the warm season.

The evaporator and condenser coils of the o'general dubai unit collect dirt every time you use the unit. If your filters are changed regularly, less dirt will be able to get to these coils. As dirt collects on the evaporator coil, air flow is reduced and it works as an insulator on the coil that will prevent it from absorbing heat. The coils should also be checked each year and cleaned when needed.

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